Mini minds

In this book we are not teaching alphabet to students. Letter ‘A’ or ‘a’ will just be drawing/image that needs to be perceived by the students. The dotted letters are given for tracing by the students so that they can hold the colour in 3 fingers and trace the alphabet. Tracing will also help in wrist movement on the paper.

This will help the students to imagine, retain that thing and putting back on paper.

calligraphy for kids

For this we cater the students of 5+ years of age group. This is the first time we are introducing the concept of calligraphy to kids.

The child may not know the formation of alphabets in advance to do this book. This book is based on theme based calligraphy. The themes are decided according to the i nterest of the students.


This calligraphy is for 4+ years of age group. In this we will teach the students the proper holding of pencil(tripod group). We will first start with tracing the dots. Since at this time the child is building his/her personality and learning new things so we will give all types of strokes to a students and then later on student can decide which stroke to choose as per his/her personality.

We Will start with tracing the base line strokes moving on to right slant strokes which will enhance their communication skills


The literal meaning of ‘ typography’ is theme based writing. The whole idea is to relate the fonts with expression.

Example: For a ‘save trees’ poster, log wood calligraphy is best to express this idea of scripts.

Doodle Calligraphy

The literal meaning of doodle is to ‘SCRIBBLE’. It is the depiction of unconscious mind and thoughts on paper in creative manner.

Nib Pen Calligraphy

when we talk about round pen calligraphy, three tools should be mastered, pencils, fountain pens and gel pens. This level is a beautiful combination of all three in as unique blended way. It also ensures the correct holdings and movements of the fountain pens on paper in vertical slant layouts.

Marker Pen Calligraphy

Usage of flat pens in calligraphy are well known all over the world. Correct holding and placements of flat tips can be easily achieved inthis level by using alpha chisel markers. Wide variety and colourful markers are available in the market by which some beautiful creations could be made.

Wooden Pen calligraphy

If we talk about the history of Penmanship, wooden sticks from the bark of the tree was used for writing. Dipping in the organic inks further adds perfection and liquidity to our work. Based on the similar concept, kalams of different sizes are used to discover this beautiful form of calligraphy.

Faux pen calligraphy

Concept of parallel lines and doubling of alphabets is well known among calligraphists all across the world. The broad and thin strokes should be well placed to achieve perfection in our write ups.

Brush Pen Calligraphy

It is called Brush Pen calligraphy because same tool can be used as brush when pressure is applied and can be used as pen when pen is lifted with minimum pressure. The main idea behind Brush Pen is to master the pressure difference of our hand in order to achieve thick and thin strokes.

Modern Pencil Calligraphy

There are many reasons to dive into the world of pencil calligraphy. First of all, pencil calligraphy offers a new way to explore lettering and It’s also something you can easily practice anywhere. It is hassle free and easy to implement for all age groups.

Fude Pen Calligraphy

This is exclusive miniature calligraphy with specialised Fude Pens meant for Certificate writing, book mark creation, gift tags, glass writing, corporate works, subject headings, customised giftings and much more. This level is a blende learning of brush pen callligraphy and copperplate calligraphy providing a fusion into the calligraphy world

Copperplate Calligraphy

A copperplate script is a style of calligraphic writing most commonly associated with English Roundhand. Although often used as an umbrella term for various forms of pointed pen calligraphy, Copperplate most accurately refers to script styles represented in copybooks created using the Intaglio printmaking method.