Graphology (Handwriting & Logo Signature Analysis) Bundle Course


Graphology is a science of handwriting analysis , sub domain of psychology to study the brain and personality behind it. The course covers analysis of various personality parameters like behaviour, communication, intelligence, health, career and relationship. It is a professional course which enables wide application in the field of Counsellings, teachings and the establishment of one's own unit. Signature and logo designings are much in demand with corporate sectors and multinational companies.



  • Tool analysis
  • Introduction to graphology & methodology for sample collection
  • Analysis of slant, analysis of zones
  • Analysis of t bars &i dots
  • Analysis of sexuality through ganalysis
  • Forms of connections
  • Beginning & ending strokes
  • Margin analysis&baseline analysis
  • Analysis of pressure in handwriting
  • Doodling analysis
  • Report formation
  • Counselling assistance
  • Graphotherapy suggestions practical training.

Logo &Signature

  • Analysis of Signatures
  • Major Blunders in Signature
  • Different forms of signatures
  • Synchronising of handwriting & Signatures
  • Molding of signatures
  • Affirmations therapy
  • Application & usage of signatures
  • Legal Formalities with new signatures
  • Analysis of Present logo of a company
  • Report Formation
  • Counselling of the clients
  • Logo Molding New formation of logo
  • Balancing of signatures & Logos
  • Registration & Copyrights of new logo and application & Usage of new logo.

Course Highlights

  • All the courses are material inclusive.
  • Online/offline batches available
  • Min. Eligibility is 14 years except Graphology
  • Regular evaluation will be conducted by Likhavat academy
  • Practical training will be imparted.
  • Internships available for deserving candidates.
  • Certification will be awarded by NSDC academy after the successful completion of the course.