Handwriting improvement and speed writing

Do you worry about your child’s…

“How can your child attain extra marks by improving handwriting.”

  • Unwillingness/ inactiveness to write
  • Red marks on the notebook for illegible handwriting
  • Inaccurate posture and pencil grip
  • Slow writing due to which they compromise in examination

To acquire a new skill, one needs to have patience as results don’t show overnight. It takes a considerate amount of time for any individual to adapt, learn and finally master at anything. Efforts and consistency lead your way to success. An individual must understand that there is no temporary fix to a problem. The problem in fact rises and manifests. With continuous learning and dedication a person can reach any milestone and achieve the desired goals.


Don’t let a deficient handwriting come in the way of your child’s academic and professional growth.

For our students to get maximum and most efficient learning of this major life skill, we conduct, 1 month online/ offline Handwriting improvement and speed writing classes with specialized Handwriting Teachers and the Expert herself, Nidhi Gupta.


The program is result oriented with guaranteed outcomes. It includes 15 one-to-one zoom sessions/offline sessions with a specialized Handwriting teacher. We start from the very scratch, covering all the basic concepts and gradually take the child to Advanced levels. Study material and counselling sessions are inclusive. Apart from that, we conduct doubt and practice classes for better scope of improvement. There are regular homework submissions over e-mails and WhatsApp.

Course strategy

  • handwriting sample collection for initial and final day results.
  • Acquaintance with different lined notebooks (4 lines, 2 lines, single line).
  • Focusing on correct posture.
  • Focusing on correct posture.
  • Regulating pressure in the handwriting.
  • Special guidance for writing keeping in mind the dominant hand of the child.
  • Concept of zones and margins to avoid free hand writing.
  • Various strokes and it’s implementation.
  • Correct formations of Capital and small print writing.
  • Correct formations Capital and small cursive writing.
  • Combination handwriting.
  • Different ways to join words.
  • Different ways to write a sentence.
  • Paragraph building.
  • Concepts of sizing and spacing.
  • Speed writing- 18-23 words/min.
  • 3 hour examination regulated handwriting.

Incentives, worksheets and feedback

  • Free handwriting analysis
  • Free counselling sessions
  • Free access to academy’s webinars and seminars
  • Free access to online competitions
  • Free vouchers only for the students
  • 15 one to one online zoom sessions/ offline sessions.
  • 30 days of regular homework and assignments
  • 15 WhatsApp reviews
  • After the course practice sessions
  • Special before and after poster for the child
  • Report card with special feedback
  • Personal handwriting expert assigned to the child
  • Regular Interaction with the assigned teacher expert


  • Children/ Individuals who face illegibility in handwriting
  • Children/ Individuals who score less due to poor handwriting.
  • 10th and 12th Board Students for legibility, speed writing and Answer presentation.
  • SSC, UPSC, Judiciary and competitive examination aspirants who require legibility and speed for Writing section efficiency.
  • Children/ individuals who want handwriting analysis for personal and professional growth.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the Art of handwriting through scientifically proven methodologies.

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