Handwriting therapy is a new upcoming skill much in demand after covid. The course is not only about providing legibility in handwritings but also the personality transformations through graphotherapy modules. The course is exclusively designed to impart knowledge about different forms of handwritings and their applications. Being a handwriting therapist, one can work with schools, institutions, trainer and work from home options. Art therapy is also included to deal with LEARNING DISABILITY DISORDERS and the solutions to treat them.


Handwriting Therapist

  • Basic Knowledge of Handwriting Parameters,
  • Common Handwriting Problem & Solutions,
  • Sample Analysis,
  • Formation of Strokes & Basic Alphabets,
  • Knowledge of Print/Cursive Handwriting with additional knowledge of Pen Lifts & Pen Pauses,
  • Compiling of Paragraph & Running Hand Curses,
  • Speed Writing Technique (18 to 25 Words/Minute).

Art Therapist

  • Basic Knowledge of Learning Disability Disorders (Dyslexia,Dysprexia, ADHD)
  • Analysing of Problems with History of the student,
  • Course Planning & Module Setup,
  • Handwriting Therapy through different medium(Doodle Therapy, Mandala therapy,
  • Visualisation Art, Phoenix Therapy), Paragraph Building & Independent Writing.

Course Highlights

  • All the courses are material inclusive.
  • Online/offline batches available
  • Min. Eligibility is 14 years except Graphology
  • Regular evaluation will be conducted by Likhavat academy
  • Practical training will be imparted.
  • Internships available for deserving candidates.
  • Certification will be awarded by NSDC academy after the successful completion of the course.