Quantum Maths

Human Brain requires exercises and release of fluids to trigger better movement, spontaneity and fast decision making.

Abacus is not a new concept in India and it has even taken a back seat now. Hence, we decided to bring something new to benefit children and something that they can implement in their day to day lives.Quantum maths is a sister concern of Abacus which is beneficial for junior age group to strengthen their basic Mathematics skill.

Abacus requires tool and can't be taken anywhere and has less practical implementation due to limitation of the tool. In quantum maths, the main focus is on Finger counting, air quantum and mental arithmetic worksheets so that whatever the child learns, can utilise in school academic curriculum too.

It's high time to work on children as they lose interest in activities very easily and get mentally exhausted as well. So in order to help students come back to normal routine after post covid scenario, we want to create awareness and benefit all the students with quantum maths classes at Likhavat.


  • Enhances counting speed
  • Excel in single digit addition, subtraction on tool .
  • Enhances visualisation.
  • Memory Strengthening.
  • Mental arithmetic exercises
  • Enhances fast decision making
  • Better task achievement.
  • Improves reflexes
  • Brain activating
  • Additional details:
  • Material/ kit/ worksheets include
  • Certification included
  • Regular follow ups included
  • Test sheets included